Pure L-Glutamine Powder 325g L-glutamines


Exercise is very important in keeping our bodies strong and in building strong and lean muscles. With these, muscle damage is unavoidable. Thus taking in a glutamine supplement to help the muscles recover and repair itself after every rigorous workout we do. One of the best US dietary supplements for this specific need is Glutamine from American Pure Whey. This 100% L-glutamine powdered drink also helps in boosting the immune system and in preventing infections after athletic events as well as a great post-workout supplement that will help your muscles repair efficiently. A healthier and better gastrointestinal tract is also one of the glutamine benefits one can get from this healthy drink.



Supplement Facts


Instant Fuel for muscles
Awesome Taste and easy mixing


Consume 5-10 grams with your favorite beverage. Consume two or three times daily


Mix 5-10 grams with 12 oz of water or juice

Flavor and Price


2.2lbs L-glutamines $ 28.99 USD
325g L-glutamines $ 14.99 USD

just want to say first time i have ordrered of an internet site standard and i am very impressed with the delivery and also the product it self welldone American pure whey will use you a lot more in the future- jmlenz
recomend woowwww
I mix this with my protein shake after exercise in the morning and afternoon, and take some with orange juce at lunchtime. Great stuff in aiding recovery!! would recomend!! Tastes like crap on its own!!!- Tommy
love it
I love to take Glutamine in combinaton with Bcaa's to preserve my mass while I'm cutting down body fat, American pure whey really make their job- krete09
I use about 15 - 20g's daily of this stuff and my recovery times have improved so much! Im currently on a cut and it really helps! Use American pure whey regularly and never disappointed.- Riffo

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