Amino Burst Powder 360g Tropical Punch
Muscle growth is not only dependent on the exercise routine that we do but with the minerals and vitamins and minerals that our bodies get from the food we eat. A higher amount of protein in our diet will also help us in achieving the lean and big muscles that we aspire to achieve. This is only possible with the help of amino acids supplements. To help get the muscles that we want faster and more efficiently, we need increase the amino acids in our body to promote the production of protein in the body. With the help of Amino Burst from American Pure Whey from the US, one can get the extra amino boost they require for their body building needs.
Supplement Facts
Instant Amino Acid fuel
Awesome Taste and easy mixing
Contains loads of Essential amino acids which are responsible to build muscle tissue
Consume 10-20 grams with your favorite beverage. Consume two or three times daily
Mix 10-20 grams with 12 oz of water or juice
Tropical Punch
Lemon Lime
360g Tropical Punch $ 19.99 USD
360g Orange $ 19.99 USD
360g Lemon Lime $ 19.99 USD

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